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Spring 2024 Learn to Skate Semester

Spring 2024 Learn to Skate Semester

Our Learn to Skate group classes are for students ages 5 to adult, beginners through advanced skaters. Classes begin with the fundamentals and progress to more advanced and specialized skills, for both figure skating and ice hockey.

Structure of Session

The Spring 2024 semester begins Tuesday, March 5th and Saturday, March 9th. This is a 30 minute group lesson followed by 30 minutes of independent practice ice**. Classes meet once a week (Skaters may choose Tuesday classes or Saturday classes when registering), and classes include skate rental.

**Practice Ice: Skaters may utilize the remaining 30 minutes following lesson time as optional practice ice, provided they are able to skate independently and without assistance. If a coach determines that a participant is unable to skate without assistance, the skater will not be permitted to stay for practice ice until they are ready to practice independently.

Recommended Enrollment Levels:
New skaters ages 5-6 should enroll in Snowplow 1.
New skaters ages 7-14 interested in figure skating should enroll in Basic 1.
New skaters ages 7-14 interested in hockey should enroll in Hockey 1.
New skaters ages 15 and up should enroll in Adult 1.
Returning skaters should enroll in the level listed on their most recent Progress Report (included in semester graduation packets).

Winter 2024 students should WAIT until after the final class of the semester to register. Please review your most recent Progress Report (received at the end of your final class) to see your correct enrollment level.

Class Levels

Snowplow (Ages 5-6)
Basic skating skills to help young skaters become comfortable on the ice. 
Note: All skaters renting skates will be given figure skates for the duration of the session.

Basic (Ages 7 – 14)
Basic figure skating skills, starting at entry-level skaters.

Hockey (Ages 7 – 14)
Basic hockey skating skills, starting at entry-level skaters. ***Offered ONLY on Tuesdays (Make-up classes not permitted)
Note: Skaters are not required to provide, own, or wear any ice hockey gear. Participants will wear hockey rental skates.

Freeskate (Ages 7+)
More advanced figure skating skills. 
Note: Must complete Basic or Adult skills track before enrolling in Freeskate.

Adult 1 (Ages 15+)
Basic skating skills, starting at entry-level skaters

Tuition and Fees

The Spring 2024 semester costs $176 total.
Sibling Discount: Each additional skater after your first gets $10 off their registration. This applies only to registrations done together in one order. **Your card will be charged the FULL LISTED AMOUNT in a pending status until fully processed.

Spring 2024 Class Card:

Students will receive a punch card with 8 free Public Skate admissions (and skate rental). Present your card at the Front Desk during any Public Skate session to use one of your punches and skate free!

Punches can be also be used for Stick and Puck sessions (1 punch per session) or Freestyle sessions (1 punch per hour of Freestyle ice time; punches cannot be split). Use of punch card for Freestyle sessions contingent upon skater meeting minimal skill requirements (passed Freeskate 1) and/or under tutelage of a private coach. If skaters exchange their cards for stickers, those stickers will still expire at the end of the semester.

Dates and Schedule

Our 8-class Spring 2024 semester is offered on Tuesdays OR Saturdays. Skaters will register for the entire semester, and attend one class per week on their registered day.

* No classes Tuesday, 3/26 or Saturday, 3/30 due to spring break/Easter.

***NOTE: ALL Hockey classes and Pre-Freeskate are ONLY offered on Tuesdays. Students cannot make up missed classes on Saturday.

Makeup Class Policy: Students have two makeup class opportunities this semester. In the event that a student is unable to attend class, they may make it up on the alternate class day. No credit, refund, or rollover of missed classes to future semesters. Makeup classes are NOT PERMITTED on the FIRST week, or LAST TWO weeks (evaluation and graduation weeks). Hockey and Pre-Freeskate classes cannot make up missed classes.

WeekTuesday Class (5:45-6:45pm)Saturday Class (10:45-11:45am)
1March 5thMarch 9th
2March 12thMarch 16th
3March 19thMarch 23rd
*NO CLASS March 26th*NO CLASS March 30th
4April 2ndApril 6th
5April 9thApril 13th
6April 16thApril 20th
7 April 23rd
April 27th
8April 30th
May 4th

Spectator Policy

Non-skating spectators are permitted to enter the building and observe their classes for the duration of the semester.  All spectators must adhere to current COVID-19 and facility policies.

Spectators must remain in the party booths, Eatery, or upstairs balcony. They will not be permitted to stand along the perimeter, nor be in the hockey boxes (home and away benches). Spectators must observe quietly, and cannot be a distraction to skaters during their lesson.

LiveBarn, Live Streaming Video System:

Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers may watch classes remotely via LiveBarn, the live streaming video system. Use promo code 4da5-ed17 to receive 10% off your subscription. Note: LiveBarn camera coverage is limited to the ice surface and does not cover off-ice areas of the facility.

DAYSMART: We’re Upgrading!

We are updating to a new customer portal, Daysmart!! Skaters will need to make a new account, re-sign their waiver, and register as normal. To begin, simply click the blue “Register Now” button below. Skaters will also be able to access their account and registrations through the “Daysmart Rec” app, available on mobile devices.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: You will need to add your skater as a “child” on your account. When looking for your class, make sure you have selected the CHILD as the “participant”.

Thank you for your patience in this transition!

Class space is limited- DON’T WAIT TO REGISTER!!