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Adult Noon Skate Sessions

Adult Noon Skate sessions are open practice sessions for 18 years and up. Skaters from beginners to advanced have the opportunity to practice their skating skills. Adult Noon Skate is designed to give skaters of all ages a chance to practice in a non-competitive atmosphere, or to simply relax amidst a busy work-week.

  • Each session lasts 60 minutes.
  • Admission is One (1) Adult Noon sticker, due at check-in. Stickers may be bought online in sets of 5 for $70. Skaters may also purchase a walk-on admission at the door for $15.
  • This session is open to both figure and hockey skaters. No sticks or pucks are allowed on the ice.
  • Visit our COVID-19 Health and Safety page for more information on current COVID policies

Visit the Greensboro Ice Hub to register today! Scroll down for registration instructions.
With further questions or problems, please free to email the Admin Team at gsoicehouse@gmail.com.

Regular Schedule:
Mondays: 11:30-12:30pm
Tuesdays: 11:30-12:30pm
Wednesdays: 11:30-12:30pm
Thursdays: 11:30-12:30pm

Registering for Adult Noon Skate Sessions

Purchasing Admission Stickers

Adult Noon Skate stickers are available for purchase in sets of 5, for $70 per set.

  • Stickers do not expire, and can be shared between skaters.
  • Skaters do not need to print their own stickers! The check-in attendant will have them ready for you when you arrive.
    • Stickers that are not purchased 24 hours in advance of a session will not be physically available at check-in on time. Stickers bought after 3pm on Friday will not be ready until at least the following Monday.
    • If you’re purchasing stickers late- don’t worry! Simply show their purchase confirmation to the check-in attendant, and their stickers will be available at the next session following.

Skaters can now pay for a single session in person, as a walk-on. Walk-on admission is $15, vs. the per-sticker rate of $14. Save yourself money and time by pre-purchasing your sticker set online!

Registering for Ice Time

Log into the Greensboro Ice Hub to register for sessions. Adult Noon Skate sessions are scheduled in one (1) hour time slots. Each time slot requires one sticker or walk-on admission paid.

  • You can select your ice time by clicking “Register for Ice Time” in the main menu, click the “Purchase” button under “Adult Noon Skate” and select your desired session from the calendar there!
  • Registration is not required, but highly recommended.