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Greensboro Adult Hockey League

DAYSMART: We’re Upgrading!

We are updating to a new customer portal, Daysmart!! Players will need to make a new account, re-sign their waiver, and register as normal. Skaters will also be able to access their account and registrations through the “Daysmart Rec” app, available on mobile devices. To begin, simply click the blue “Summer 2024 Registration” button below to view season info.

The Greensboro Adult Hockey League is proud to offer opportunities for players of all skill levels to play hockey!

All GAHL Leagues play three separate seasons annually, Fall (early September-January), Winter (February-May), and Summer (June-August). Please confirm exact start and end dates prior to registration, as these are subject to change. Each season consists of regular season games and playoffs, including a championship and consolation games.

Want to practice your skills? Check out our Stick and Puck sessions for open practice ice for all ages, and Pickup games for skaters 16+!

Summer 2024 Registration is OPEN NOW!

Click on the button below for season info and registration.

League Information

A League:
Recreational hockey at the highest level.  You may see former professional or collegiate players, players with high level junior experience, or players who competed at a high level in youth hockey.

B Leagues:
Competitive hockey league. You may see players who competed at the youth level for many years but did not play competitively beyond that. You may also see college club players or players who started playing late but picked up the game quickly.
**Due to high enrollment, B league has been split into the B West and B East leagues.

C1 League:
Moderately skilled players looking to play hockey at a moderate yet competitive pace. May contain older players that have some skill but have slowed down or newer players that cannot be considered beginners due to moderate speed and/or skill.

C2 League:
Slower hockey. May contain older players that still remain at a novice skill and speed level or players that are looking for a level of hockey just beyond the beginner level.

C3 League:
Slow Hockey. You may see beginning players looking for a league environment made up of players who have progressed beyond learn to play or D level. This league is made up of predominately new players still learning to skate well and play the game or older players who may not progress as younger players.

“D” Development League:
A weekly learn to play scrimmage game designed for the beginning hockey player. This league is for anyone that is just picking up the sport and takes on a learn-as-you-go format. Players will be moved up and out of this level as they progress (more so than in other leagues). Players that remain at this level have either not progressed as quickly as others or still have low skating speed.
**D league is not offered at this time.

Draft League:
Draft League will consist of 26 +/- players that will split into two separate teams. Teams will be re-drafted throughout the season by the designated Captains. This league is designed for C2 skill level or higher. All players must be 18 years or older.

Aren’t sure which league you should play in?
Email our hockey director to find the perfect place for you in our leagues! Download GAHL Policy and Rules

USA Hockey Number:

ALL players will need a USA Hockey  number for the Fall 2023 season. USA Hockey numbers must be entered on the player’s registration, and are verified at time of submission.
Please visit if you do not have one.

Questions? Comments?

Please email our Hockey Director, Kevin Dolansky, at [email protected] with all inquiries.

View all game schedules, team, and player stats through your Daysmart account! Click the button to log in.

Visit our Adult League Facebook page for all league updates, registration forms, league rules, sponsor videos, and spirited discussions.

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