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 Hannoush Jewelers Summer 2017 B1 Champions

Hannoush Jewelers – B1 Champions

Penguins – B2 Champions

Panthers – C1 Champions

Hornets – C2 Champions

Wolves – C3 Champions

Red Hawks – D Champions

40+ League

Adult Leagues

If you are an adult looking for information on our adult hockey leagues, scroll down.

If you are an adult looking to learn how to play hockey, you have a couple of choices at the Greensboro Ice House:

  • If you want to learn how to become a better skater first, click here to be redirected to our learn to hockey skate page.
  • If you would like to play in a beginner’s league, scroll down for information on our “D”development league.
  • If you would like to sharpen your skills, join us Tuesday mornings from 7-8am for our Adult Skills and Drills Class.  Registrations will be taken at any point during the current session.
  • If you are already in our adult league and want to join the skills class, you can walk on or join for half price!!!

League Information

All Greensboro Adult Hockey Leagues play three separate season annually. Our Fall season runs from early September through January. Our Winter season runs from February through May. Our Summer season runs from June through August. We do prorate registration fees for players joining leagues already in progress. Each season consists of regular season games and playoff games including a championship and consolation games.

A League: Recreational hockey at the highest level. You may see former professional or collegiate players, players with high level junior experience, or players who competed at a high level in youth hockey. (NOT CURRENTLY BEING OFFERED)

B1 League: Competitive hockey league. You may see players who competed at the youth level for many years but did not play competitively beyond that. You may also see college club players or players who started playing late but picked up the game quickly.

B2 League:  Older players who competed as youth or as an adult and still like competitive hockey at a faster pace. You may also see younger players who have some speed/skill but are still learning the game. The skilled players have aged and slowed. Faster players are not as skilled.

C1 League:  Moderately skilled players looking to play hockey at a moderate yet competitive pace. May contain older players that have  some skill but have slowed down or newer players that cannot be considered beginners due to moderate speed and/or skill.

C2 League:  Slower hockey. May contain older players that still remain at a novice skill and speed level or players that are looking for a level of hockey just beyond the beginner level.

C3 League: Slow hockey. You may see beginning players looking for a league environment made up of players who have progressed beyond learn to play or D level. This league is made up of predominately new players still learning to skate well and play the game or older players who may not progress as quickly as younger players.

“D” development League: A weekly learn to play scrimmage game designed for the beginning hockey player. This league is for anyone that is just picking up the sport and takes on a learn as you go format. Players will be moved up and out of this level as they progress(more-so than in other leagues). Players that remain at this level have either not progressed as quickly as others or still have low skating speed.

Adult Hockey is USA Hockey sanctioned.  Annual coverage is required to join a league. Adult Hockey is offered year round with fall, winter, and summer leagues.

We do offer online enrollment as a way to pay for your league enrollment. Simply click on the online enrollment tab on the left side of the page, fill in the form, and you are all set.

We do require that you fill out and sign a registration sheet each season and provide proof of USA Hockey insurance once per year.

Email our hockey director to find the perfect place for you in our leagues.

Download Winter 2020 GAHL Registration Form or Register Online NOW

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Early Registration for Winter 2020 runs December 16th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020

Winter Season begins the 3rd week in January until the End of May.

Fall and Winter leagues are 18 games followed by a 12 game Summer league

Playoffs are included and are determined based on number of teams in each league

Download GAHL Policy and Rules

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