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Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are ice time dedicated exclusively to figure skating.
Freestyle sessions are for more experienced skaters to practice and/or take private lessons to work on ice dancing, moves in the field, jumps, spins and program choreography. These sessions are open to skaters who have passed the Learn to Skate Freeskate 1 level or Adult 6 and are under the guidance of a private coach who will teach the rules of the ice for session safety. Lower level skaters are only permitted to skate if in a lesson.

Click “Schedules” in the main menu to view the facility schedule.

Skater Conduct

Freestyles are focused practice sessions for skaters motivated to develop their skills; no sliding, horseplay, idle or shadow skating permitted. Skaters practice and perform powerful double and triple jumps, advanced spins, complicated and intricate footwork and specific dance and moves in the field patterns at high speeds on these sessions; therefore all skaters must be aware, alert and focused to participate. It is critical to be on the lookout for other skaters!

Appropriate, athletic attire is required and long hair should be secured up and off the face. Please collect all belongings, repair divots in the ice, and dispose of tissues in receptacles at the end of sessions. 

Click to view the USFS Safesport Policy –>

Rules of the Ice, Music Playing Etiquette and Skater & Parent Codes of conduct must be followed. Click the links below to view.

Freestyle Etiquette →

Music Playing Rules →

Skater’s Code of Conduct →

Parents and Volunteer’s Code of Conduct →


Skaters must lay their sticker/s down or pay the walk-on fee for each session they intend to skate prior to stepping onto the ice. Skaters may only skate sessions at the prescribed times, and will be charged for partial sessions (ex. If a session runs 315-345pm a skater may only skate 315-345pm, not 320-350pm). 

Walk-on admission is $10 per 30-minute Freestyle session
One Freestyle Sticker per 30-minute Freestyle session.
Skaters must check in and pay at the Front Desk before stepping onto the ice.

Freestyle Stickers

Want to buy Freestyle admissions in bulk?
Freestyle Stickers are available for purchase in sets of 10, for $75 per set. This is $7.50 per session vs. the $10 walk-on rate!! These can be used for all Freestyle sessions. Freestyle stickers do not expire, and can be shared between skaters.

  • All stickers are purchased at the Front Desk, and are printed and given to skaters AT TIME OF PURCHASE.
  • If a skater does not have a sticker with them, they will need to either purchase a new set of stickers or pay a walk-on admission in order to skate. Skaters cannot “owe” a sticker – they will not be permitted to skate without paying.

Private Lessons

Most private lessons are taught during Freestyle sessions. These may be scheduled directly with coaches via their contact information listed on our Private Lessons page. Skaters may email Skate Director Nicole at [email protected] for assistance matching student needs with a coach’s area of expertise.

Visit our Private Lessons page for more information on coaches!

Skate Director Nicole

Email: [email protected]

Our skating director, Nicole, is a Professional Skaters Association (“PSA”) Master Rated Program Director and the Greensboro Ice House is a PSA Excellence on Ice facility. Please email Nicole with any Learn to Skate or figure skating questions, compliments, or concerns.

Programming under her leadership includes a US Figure Skating Basic skills program of Learn to Skate group lessons, adult courses, pre-school classes, a home school curriculum, specialty programming for advanced figure skaters as well as a complete array of off-ice training opportunities. The Greensboro Ice House is proud to offer lesson options for skaters of all ages and abilities!

Questions? Email Nicole today, or call the rink at 336-852-1515.