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Private Lessons

The Greensboro Ice House is proud to offer private 1-on-1 lesson opportunities for skaters of all ages and skill levels!

Private lessons may be scheduled directly with coaches via the contact information below, or clients may contact Skate Director Nicole at [email protected] for assistance matching student needs with a coach’s area of expertise. 

Our skating director, Nicole, is a Professional Skaters Association (“PSA”) Master Rated Program Director and the Greensboro Ice House is a PSA Excellence on Ice facility.  Please contact Nicole with any Learn to Skate or figure skating questions, compliments or concerns.

All skaters using freestyle ice must read and follow the Freestyle Etiquette, Music Playing Rules and Codes of Conduct below.

Nicole Gaboury

Skate Director

Email   |   (336) 209-3484
$35 / 30 min.
Nicole has been teaching for 20 years and she specializes in freestyle and Moves in the Field. She has coached IJS final round skaters as well as the 2010 South Atlantic Regional Preliminary Girls Champion and the 2013 Open Juvenile South Atlantic Regional Champion. She holds a Registered Freestyle rating with a Level II ranking. Nicole is a Master Rated Moves in the Field coach and a Master Rated Program Director. Nicole is a member of PSA and USFS.

Elizabeth Curtiss-Cabell

Email   |   (336) 207-2552
$38 / 30 min.

Elizabeth loves skating and has been coaching over 30 years.  She specializes in coaching ice dance, Moves in the Field, and spins.  She has coached multiple students through their gold tests in the areas of partner dance, solo dance, solo free dance, partner free dance, moves in the field, and freestyle tests.  She has had dance and single skaters at the regional, sectional, and junior national competitions.  Elizabeth holds PSA ratings in the areas of ice dance and Moves in the Field. 

    Elizabeth had an extensive competitive career.  She is a double gold medalist, competed in ice dance at the sectional level, and was a national competitor in senior ice dance.  She was also a hockey player in the highest competitive women’s league on the east coast. 

    In addition to her skating credentials, Elizabeth has a PhD in education.  Elizabeth loves working with her skaters on achieving their goals in a positive and encouraging way – with a little toughness built in. 

Caitie Fortune

Email   |   (336) 987-0625 | Text or Email only
$30 / 30 min.
Caitie is a Greensboro native with over 20 years skating and coaching experience. She is a USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, competed as an Intermediate lady in Freeskate and is an Ice Dance Silver Medalist. Caitie is also an American Ice Theater Certified Choreographer. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Human Relations from High Point University. She’s a member of USFS, PSA and AIT. Her extensive dance background gives her unique insight into Choreography, Basic Skills and Freestyle, off-ice dance and artistic technique. Much of the year she’s the associate athletic trainer at a local high school, generating experience that helps with off-ice strength and conditioning, sports specific training and injury rehabilitation. Caitie enjoys working with all ages and levels.

Dru Fulcher

Email   |   (336) 705-7140
$20 / 30 min.

Dru Fulcher started his love for skating through the Learn to Skate program right here in Greensboro, and he is now a dual sport skater (hockey and figure). In figure he has achieved his Adult Silver Moves in the Field and Pre-Bronze Freeskate, winning gold medal in his level at NC State Games 2022. In hockey he’s played in multiple divisions in GAHL, coaches the GAHL Adult Hockey Academy, and has multiple championship wins. He is a member of PSA, USFS, and USA Hockey. He specializes in coaching beginning level adults in either sport, yet he loves working with all ages and teaching the love for the sports he found as an adult.

Dru holds a Master’s in Education and Senior Professional in Human Resources certification. He works in State funded programs for behavior health and ID/D populations.

Gene Holmes

Email   |  (336) 346-9693
$30 / 30 min.
Gene has 20 years of skating and coaching experience. He began his skating career as a national roller skating medalist. Gene is a double gold medalist in Moves in the Field and Freestyle. He placed 4th at South Atlantic Regionals (1999), Qualified-Junior Nationals (1999), and Qualified-Sectionals in Novice Free Dance (2007, 2008). Gene has 10 years of ice skating show experience, including Disney on Ice, Busch Gardens and Holiday on Ice. Gene specializes in Freestyle, hockey, and choreography. He enjoys working with skaters of all ages and abilities and is a member of PSA and USFS.

Jane Hottinger

Email   |  (336) 749-0955
$30 / 30 min.
Jane Hottinger has been teaching skating for over 30 years. She is a Canadian Figure Skating Association Double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle. Jane trained under former Olympians and has 16 Championship titles. She was Canadian Pair Silver Medalist and Canadian representative to the North American Skating Team. She specializes in Freestyle and Moves in the Field and enjoys working with skaters of all ages and abilities.

Caroline Nickerson

Email   |  (704) 771-3657
$33 / 30 min.
Caroline is a double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. A six-time qualifying regional competitor, she is the 2012 Eastern Great Lakes Regional Junior Bronze Medalist and was a competitor at the 2012 Midwestern Sectional Championship. Caroline has been influenced by her own amazing coaches over her 14 year competitive skating career which include primary coaches John Carlow, Sr., Master Rated coach Nicole Gaboury, International Technical Specialist and Master Rated coach Denise Williamson, Master Rated coach Mary Anne Williamson, and Olympian and three-time Canadian Champion Valerie Marcoux-Pavlas. Caroline holds a BA Rating from the Professional Skaters Association.

She specializes in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, choreography, and video analysis. Caroline loves to help skaters of all levels achieve their full potential while developing a lifelong love of figure skating.

Lance Travis

Email   |  (336) 987-5130
$37.50 / 30 min.
Lance Travis, a Greensboro native, has been teaching for over 20 years. Lance holds memberships in the Professional Skaters Association (PSA BA) and United States Figure Skating. Lance is a double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Pairs. He was also a 3 time National Junior Men’s Competitor, the 1993 Junior National Pair Champion and the 1995 Senior National Pair Bronze Medalist. Lance was also first alternate to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics in Pairs Figure Skating. He has trained with World and Olympic Coaches, Frank Carol, Carlow and Christa Fassi, Irina Rodnina and Peter Oppegard at the International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, CA and under Peter Burrows in Monsey, New York.

Lance is coach of Regional Champions, Sectional Medalists and Junior National and Senior National Competitors. He specializes in Freestyle, Pairs and Choreography and enjoys teaching skaters of all ages and abilities.

Sarah Vanderpool

Email   |  (317) 379-7444
$35/ 30 min.
Sarah has 20 years of skating and coaching experience. She is a USFS Moves in the Field Gold Medalist, and has experience in Freestyle, Ice Dancing and Synchronized Skating. She is Master Rated in Moves in the Field and holds additional ratings in Freestyle, Dance and Group. Specialty areas include Freestyle, Moves in the Field, footwork and program layout. Sarah holds a BA from the University of Kentucky and a MA from Butler University.