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Summer Skating Academy

Summer Skating Academy 2023

We’re thrilled to share the launch of our NEW Summer Skating Academy (SSA), a figure skating opportunity offered in Summer 2023! Registration is open to new skaters 7-16, starting from entry level. Private lesson skaters and current Learn to Skate students in Snowplow 3 all the way through skaters working on their axels are also encouraged to register!

Please read this entire page before registering!
Scroll to bottom for FAQ and link to registration.

Skating Academy Structure

Skating Academy is offered on six separate weeks throughout the summer, each with their own theme. Scroll down to view details for each week! Schedules below reflect general structure of each week, and are subject to slight variation. Skaters for each week will also receive a week-specific schedule with more details. Coach/staff supervision is provided in all activities.

  • Skaters attend the academy Monday – Friday, with skater drop-off beginning at 9:45am. Pickup time varies; please reference weekly schedule. All skaters must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian (skaters cannot sign themselves in/out!!).
  • Skaters will work with other skaters near their skill level, but ALL skaters will have the opportunity to participate in the awesome activities each week’s theme presents!!
  • Skaters must pack their own lunches and drinks. Water fountains are available, but bringing your own water bottle is highly encouraged.
  • Parents/family are encouraged to attend end-of week performances!! Skaters work hard all week to show off their skills, and it is a wonderful opportunity to see how far they’ve come!


9:45am | Drop off
10:15-11:15 | On-ice skills
11:30-12:00 | Off-ice conditioning
12:15-12:45 | Lunch (skaters bring lunch)
1:00-1:30 | Off-ice stretch
1:45-2:45 | On-ice skills
3:15pm | Pick up


9:45am | Drop off
10:15-11:15 | On-ice skills
11:20-11:50 | Lunch (skaters bring lunch)
12:45-1:45 | Off-ice class
2:00-4:00pm | Complimentary Public Skate
2:00-4:00pm | Pick up


9:45am | Drop off
10:00-11:00 | On-ice skills
11:15-12:00 | Off-ice class
12:15-12:45 | Lunch (skaters bring lunch)
1:15-2:15 | On-ice skills
2:15-2:45 | Week’s end performance- parents encouraged to attend!!
3:15pm | Pick up


Every 5-day week of academy is $280 per skater.
Please note: Price at registration will be charged as full amount ($280/week), and any applicable discounts will be refunded back to you soon after registration.

Sibling Discount: $60 off each additional skater after your first. All registrations must be on ONE ORDER to receive this discount.

Multi-week Discount: Skaters who register for multiple weeks will receive a discounted rate for each week:

Number of WeeksPrice per Week
1 Week$280
2 Weeks$260/week
3 Weeks$240/week
4 Weeks$220/week
5 Weeks$200/week
6 Weeks$180/week

Weekly Themes and Dates

Week 1: A Royal Celebration

June 12th- June 16th
  • Learn the basics of ice dance including the Dutch Waltz!
  • Work on posture, extension, poise through on-ice exercises and off-ice ballet classes.
  • Show off skills at the end of week Royal Ball featuring a Daddy-Daughter & Mother-Son skate! Wear your favorite prince/princess costume or skating dress to the Royal Ball!
  • Royal Ball will feature special appearances by Anna, Elsa, & Olaf!

Week 2: Intergalactic Ice

June 26th- June 30th
  • Shoot for the moon! Learn skills that are out of this world like spread eagles, spider lunges, & split jumps!
  • Learn synchronized skating basics like the line & pinwheel maneuvers
  • Show off skills at the end of week Space Jam featuring a parade of galactic characters!
  • Wear your favorite Leia, Spock Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Rey, Baby Yoda, Captain Kirk, etc costume to the Space parade!

Week 3: Christmas in July

July 10th – July 14th
  • Feeling frosty? Learn on and off-ice warm-up exercises & stamina drills!
  • Learn a group performance featuring opportunities for step outs!
  • Show off skills at the end of week holiday party featuring a group performance plus sleigh rides and a special appearance by Santa!
  • Wear your favorite skating dress, holiday outfit, or even an ugly Christmas sweater to the party!

Week 4: Learn to Compete

July 31st – August 8th
  • Learn a mini program along with how to enter & exit the ice like a pro! Enjoy a Q&A with a local judge plus obtain feedback on private lesson competition programs.
  • Learn how to do “skater hair”!
  • Show off skills at the end of the week performance including skating medals! Wear your favorite figure skating dress, costume, or athletic attire & enjoy a photoshoot on the podium!

Week 5: Winter Games

August 14th – August 18th
  • Test your skating skills with jump & spin contests!
  • Have fun with bucket races, lap skating, relay races, limbo, & line dancing!
  • Learn the basics of the International Judging System(IJS), plus understand how everything from local competitions to the Olympics and World and National Championships are scored!
  • Show off skills at the end of the week Closing Ceremonies featuring a Parade of Nations! Wear your favorite figure skating dress, patriotic outfit, or athletic attire!

Week 6: Artistry on Ice

August 21st – August 25th
  • Learn how to perform to various styles of music.
  • Learn how to connect with music and audiences through facial expressions, arm movements, & musical interpretation!
  • Show off skills at the end-of-week recital featuring a group performance with props! Wear
    your favorite figure skating dress, dance outfit, or athletic attire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Note that this is not a complete guide to all Summer Skating Academy questions. If you have further questions about their registration or experience, please email our Skating Director Nicole at [email protected]

Should my child know how to skate in order to attend Summer Skating Academy?

No prior skating experience is required for new skaters 7 years old and up! Our coaching staff is dedicated to making sure beginner skaters receive the attention they need. New skaters will look like veterans by the end of the week!

Summer Skating Academy is also open to Learn to Skate Students Snowplow 3 & up as well as private lesson skaters (through Freeskate 6 / working on axel)! Skaters will be grouped by skill level and our coaches will deliver targeted instruction to the range of participants.

My child does not have their own skates. Do we need to get some?

No! Rental skates are included with tuition. Should you choose to purchase skates, please schedule a fitting with our skating director ([email protected]). We offer a 10% discount and we pay shipping! Skates arrive in about a week after ordering.

Will someone be available to help my child tie their skates?

Yes! Our coaches will happily assist with skate tying! And, it will be a goal for skaters to learn the basics of skate tying while enrolled!

Will my child get one-on-one lesson time during Summer Skating Academy?

Summer Skating Academy offers small group instruction tailored to the skill levels of our skaters and the weekly theme. If you are interested in private lessons to improve your child’s skating skills in conjunction with Summer Skating Academy and beyond, visit the Private Lessons page on our website to learn more about our talented coaching staff and schedule a lesson!

What should my skater bring to Summer Skating Academy?

Skaters are asked to bring a packed lunch, water bottle, and a beach towel or yoga mat for off-
ice classes. Participants should also bring their energy! Summer Skating Academy is an activity based camp there is not a lot of down time! Electronics will not be permitted during on or off-ice activities.

What should my skater wear to Summer Skating Academy?

Skaters are encouraged to dress warmly in athletic attire. Leggings are the optimal choice for skating along with fitted athletic tops and a lightweight, zip-up jacket. Skaters should also wear tall, thin socks. Tennis shoes are a must! Skaters are asked to bring gloves. Skaters with long hair are asked to wear hair up and out of their face. Beginner skaters may opt to wear a safety helmet (no point in the back). Participants are asked to avoid wearing jeans and shorts.

Skaters are asked to bring a pair of black or dark socks for use during off-ice dance classes. The requested black or dark socks are separate socks from the socks they’ll wear inside skates – skating socks should be tall and thin.

Does the Ice House have a snack bar?

The rink does not have a snack bar so be sure to pack enough food for your skater! Summer Skating Academy participants will need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle. A daily afternoon snack item will be provided.

What are the drop-off and pick-up times?

Daily drop-off is 9:45am.
Pick-up is 3:15pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Pick up is between 2-4pm on Tuesday and Thursday

Drop off and pick up times are fixed-firm; supervision is not available prior to 945 or after 4pm. Children may not be left unattended prior to scheduled drop-off and/or after pick-up times.

Anything else I need to know?

Don’t forget parents and guests are invited to attend the end-of-week celebration on Fridays from 215-245pm!