Winter 2021 Learn to Skate Semester

Winter 2021 Learn to Skate Semester

Our Winter 2020 Learn to Skate semester is now open for registration! Social distancing, face coverings and capacity guidelines are in place along with additional protocols outlined in our Safety at Center Ice document on our  COVID-19 Health and Safety Page.

All registration will take place through the Greensboro Ice Hub, linked in the top menu, as well as the bottom of this page.
Make sure you review the contents of this page carefully before registering! 

Dates and Schedule

Our Winter 2021 Learn to skate semester will last 6 weeks, and will be offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Skaters will register for the entire semester, attend one class per week on their registered day. 

Makeup Class Policy: Students can utilize two makeup class opportunities. In the event that a student is unable to attend class, they may attend the alternate class day to make up their lesson.

Tuesday (5:45 – 6:45pm)
First Class Day: February 2nd
Last Class Day: March 9th

Saturday (10:45 – 11:45am)
First Class Day: February 6th
Last Class Day: March 13th

Semester Tuition

Full tuition: $105

**Please note: Enrollment for this semester does not include a public skate pass. Class times include a 30 minute lesson, and 30 minutes of practice ice following.

Sibling Discounts: Parents enrolling more than one child receive a $10 Sibling Discount on every skater after their first. 

Credit/Refund Policy: In the event that classes are postponed or cancelled for any reason, skaters will be credited for the number of classes remaining in the semester. If you need to apply credits from a previous semester, please email the admin team at

Class Structure

All participants may utilize the 30 minutes following class time as independent practice, provided they are able to skate independently and without assistance.  They are not required to stay for this time. If a coach or staff member determines that a participant is unable to skate without assistance during the practice time, this benefit will be revoked.

Classes will be conducted in a Workshop type manner. Skaters will be placed in small groups of similarly skilled students and coaches will float among students to provide instruction. Coaches will maintain distancing protocols between participants, and between participants and themselves.

Check-in / Rink Protocol

All participants will enter the arena through the main / front door entrance, wearing a face covering over the mouth and nose. We encourage you to arrive early to allow time for health screen and temperature check prior to the start of classes. 

Participants must pass a health screen and temperature check to be admitted into the building. Participants must wear their face mask/face covering during their health screening. 

Skaters may enter the building up to 15 minutes prior to the start of classes, wearing their face masks. Masks must remain on at all times.

Staff and coaches will help choose the correct pair of rental skates for students, as well as tie/untie skates for those needing assistance. Make sure skaters are wearing long/mid-calf socks. Skaters may sit on the benches around the rink and party booths, but the Eatery is currently closed.

Skaters must exit the building 5-10 minutes following their ice time.

Due to capacity restrictions and cleaning and disinfecting parameters, parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers are not permitted inside the building. 

Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers may watch classes via LiveBarn, our live streaming video system. Use promo code 4da5-ed17 to receive 10% off your subscription.

All participants will exit through the Emergency doors located near the hockey Pro-Shop. Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers must be ready to pick up participants immediately following classes.

Please be on time for pick-up! The Greensboro Ice House is unable to provide supervision once classes and/or practice ice time concludes and the main building is closed to guests.

Click the button below to register for your semester through the Ice Hub.
If you have trouble registering, please visit our Ice Hub User Guide
Class space is limited. DON’T WAIT TO REGISTER!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email our skating director at or our admin team at with additional questions or concerns.

Returning Skaters who are unsure of their placement should enroll in the same level as the semester they last attended.

New Skaters must all enroll in Snowplow 1, Basic 1, or Hockey 1, or Adult 1 (according to their age).

Coaches will briefly evaluate all skaters early in the semester to determine if their class placement is correct. Many returning skaters will need this re-evaluation after spending so long away from the ice.

Due to capacity restrictions and cleaning and disinfecting parameters, parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers are not permitted inside the building. 

Staff and coaches will be on hand to help any skaters needing assistance tying and/or removing skates. 

Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers may watch classes via LiveBarn, our live streaming video system. Use promo code 4da5-ed17 to receive 10% off your subscription.

Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers may enter the ice to use the restroom, following a health screen and temperature check, while wearing a face covering over nose and mouth. Guests must immediately exit the building following restroom use; no loitering – you will be asked to leave.

Participants interested in purchasing skates should email Skate Director Nicole at to set up a skate fitting appointment.

Skates range from $105 to $260 and typically arrive within approximately 7 days. Learn to Skate students receive a 10% discount, the rink pays shipping, and the first skate sharpen and heat mold are free.

Our Figure Pro Shop sells skate guards! Please email for assistance purchasing skate guards, or inquire at the check-in desk.

Your credit status depends on your make-up attendance, class level, and other factors. Please email our admin team at for further details.

Skaters will have their temperature taken using an infrared thermometer at their forehead or wrist. 

  • Temperatures between 99.4 and 100.3 will require a second check. If the second check is between this range or higher, they are ineligible for class that day. 
  • Any reading over 100.4 is an automatic no-go for class that day. Anyone showing signs of illness are asked to stay home.

Students will then be asked three mandatory screening questions:

  1. Have you recently traveled to an area (outside of the USA) with a known spread of COVID-19?
  2. Have you come in close contact (within 6ft) with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis in the past 14 days?
  3. Do you have symptoms of lower respiratory illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

If the answer to any of these is yes, students will be asked to exit the building, and wait 14 days before attending class. This screening happens before every Learn to Skate class, and the questions must be answered honestly each time.

Skaters may not enter the building if they have been in contact with an individual with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days. Test results do not exempt students from this policy. Skaters entering the building confirm that they have not had contact during their check-in screening.

Students will be able to make up this missed class without consequence. If you have questions, please email our Skate Director Nicole.

Skaters are all asked at check in if they have experienced any symptoms  of a upper respiratory illness, if they’ve been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, or if they’ve traveled outside the country.

If they answer any of these with yes, the skater will not be permitted to participate in classes for 14 days. 

There will be no penalty for missing these classes, and skaters will be able to make them up in future weeks. Please consider the safety of your or your skater, as well as the safety of all Learn to Skate students, coaches, and staff.