Purchasing Stickers

The purchase of stickers is required for all Freestyle, Open Hockey (Stick and Puck and Pickup), and Adult Noon sessions.

To purchase stickers, you will need to make an account

Once your account is made, click “Sticker Purchase” on the main menu.

Choose the appropriate stickers for the sessions you plan on attending.

Enter the quantity of stickers you would like to purchase. 

Please note the amount of stickers:

Freestyle stickers = Ten 30-minute stickers

Open Hockey Stickers = Five session stickers for either one (1) Stick and Puck session, or one (1) Pickup session

Adult Noon Stickers = Five 60 minutes (1 hour) sessions

You will be required to sign a participation waiver with each purchase. Enter the name of the skater and click “I Agree”. 

Your purchase will show in your shopping cart summary. Click “Continue Shopping” to add more stickers or add ice time. Click “Complete Purchase” if your puchase is correct.

Time to pay! Enter your card information and click “Authorize My Card” to complete your purchase.

For security purposes, we cannot store card information in our Ice Hub database at this time. 

You will then receive a confirmation email to your registered email address.