Late Summer Learn to Skate 2021

Late Summer 2021 - Learn to Skate

Our Late Summer 2021 Learn to Skate semester is now open for registration! Dates, schedules, tuition, and policies are outlined below. Reference our COVID-19 Health and Safety page for more on our safety protocol.

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Dates and Schedule

Our Late Summer 2021 semester will last 8 weeks, and is offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Skaters will register for the entire semester, and attend one class per week on their registered day.

Makeup Class Policy: 
Students have two makeup class opportunities per semester. In the event that a student is unable to attend class, they may make it up on the alternate class day.

Tuesdays (5:45-6:45pm)
First Class day: July 6th
Last Class Day: August 24th

Saturdays (10:45-11:45am)
First Class day: July 10th
Last Class Day: August 28th

Semester Tuition

Full tuition: $135

Sibling Discounts: Parents enrolling more than one child receive a $10 Sibling discount on every child after their first.

Credit/Refund Policy: In the event that classes are postponed or cancelled for any reason, skaters will be credited for the number of classes remaining in the semester. These credits can be applied towards future Learn to Skate semesters. If you need to apply credits from a previous semester, please email the admin team at

Class Structure

30 minute lessons will be conducted in small groups, comprised of skaters in the same class level. Coaches will float among students in their level to provide instruction. 

Participants may utilize the remaining 30 minutes following lesson time as independent practice, provided they are able to skate independently and without assistance. They are not required to stay for this time. If a coach or staff member determines that a participant is unable to skate without assistance during the practice time, this benefit will be revoked. This ice is reserved for skaters enrolled in Learn to Skate, and is not open to other skaters.

All new skaters must enroll in Snowplow 1, Basic 1, Hockey 1, or Adult 1 (dependent on age). Coaches will evaluate new skaters at the start of the semester to ensure their placement is correct.

Snowplow (Ages 5-6)
Basic skating skills to help young skaters become comfortable on the ice. Note: All skaters will be rent figure skates for the duration of the semester.

Basic (Ages 7 – 14)
Basic figure skating skills, beginning at entry-level skaters

Freeskate (Ages 6+)
More advanced figure skating skills. Note: Must complete Basic or Adult skills track.

Adult (Ages 15+)
Basic skating skills, entry level to intermediate

Hockey (Ages 7 – 14)
Basic hockey skating skills, beginning at entry-level skaters. Note: Skaters are not required to provide, own, or wear any ice hockey gear.

Check-in and Exit

Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to allow time for check inAll participants will exit through the Emergency doors located near the hockey Pro-Shop, and must exit 5-10 minutes following their ice time. 

If a skater is ready to leave early, staff will contact them using the provided phone number, and a parent must pick them up. Please be on time for pick-up– don’t leave your skater waiting!

spectator policy

Non-skating spectators are permitted to enter the building and observe their classes for the duration of the semester. 

Spectators must remain in the party booths, Eatery, or upstairs balcony. They will not be permitted to stand along the perimeter. Spectators must observe quietly, and cannot be a distraction to skaters during their lesson.

LiveBarn, Live Streaming Video System:

Parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers may watch classes remotely via LiveBarn, the live streaming video system. Use promo code 4da5-ed17 to receive 10% off your subscription. Note: LiveBarn camera coverage is limited to the ice surface and does not cover off-ice areas of the facility.

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