Greensboro Ice House Protocols

Welcome to the Greensboro Ice House Protocol Page!

These protocols are in place to maintain our Health and Safety standards as well as our rink rules and policies.

Thank you for your patience, and your passion for skating!

Visit the links on this page for more information about our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines, our customer web portal (the Ice Hub), and help using it!

Check-in Reminders

  • If skaters are walking into the building with skates, remember skate guards!
  • Skaters are encouraged to use the restroom prior to arrival, and bring their own pre-filled water bottle.
  • Remote spectators are encouraged to utilize LiveBarn, our live streaming video system. Use promo code 4da5-ed17 to receive 10% off your subscription.
  • There is no lost and found at this time, so be sure to collect all belongings at the end of your session.